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Joe Crawford
Web Developer
I think in HTML and dream in JavaScript.
If I had any style I'd use CSS.

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San Diego · California · USA

December 2016 Thirty posts

I like that my sister, my late Mom, and late Grandfather appear in my #2016bestnine

I found a wall decoration in my building at work that’s pretty interesting.

Tiny Mermaid Christmas Chaos

No cuteometer can measure this level of cuteness. Merry Christmas!

Swarm Checkins

I look forward to a day many years hence when she will giggle at this photo. Merry Christmas Bella and everyone!

Bella Elf/Christmas Eve Jumpin’

Christmas Eve in Los Angeles!

Then I picked up glasses, further solidifying my age.

Pre-show at REDCAT. James Baldwin Robert Johnson visual mashup.

I made this “Hamburger.” (It’s a reminder of our Scrum safe word (when a speaker goes off into the weeds)).