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I am a software developer who has worn most of the hats available in the software development lifecycle. I have worked to create original designs, as a frontend implementer of designs, as a developer responsible for implementing full stack applications, and worked to create APIs to be consumed by other developers from the backend. I communicate well: in person, in documents, and online. I have done documentation, and QA, assessments of accessibility and usability. I like to help create excellent software that helps people solve problems.


Software Engineer at Telcentris-Voxox April 2019 – Currently


Software Engineer at Lawn Love March 2018 – April 2019 (1 year 1 month)

Lawn Love is “Uber for Lawn Care.” My role as a software engineer entails working on the customer / lawn care provider / operations staff-facing home grown CRM for managing the Lawn Love marketplace. PHP / MySQL stack managed on AWS using OpsWorks. Frontend of vanilla JS / jQuery, Angular 1, KnockoutJS with backend of OO PHP. GitHub, Kanban, code review, Jira agile oriented process. Product development process oriented around low fidelity prototypes created in combinations of Balsamiq Mockups, MarvelApp, PhotoShop. Interface directly with all parts of the company to solve problems for company with fast growth profile.

Web Developer at Slacker September 2011 –  May 2017 (5 years 9 months)

Slacker Radio is a streaming audio & music service. It serves individual user listeners & provides software as a service to integration partners (Samsung, Verizon, AOL, US Cellular, T-Mobile).

Responsibilities & Achievements

Primary Frontend Developer on ECommerce Team

  • Built Samsung Milk Music single page app (SPA) to accept credit card & cellular carrier payments in mobile & browsers
  • Built Verizon SPA for management of ringtone content
  • Spearheaded U.S. Cellular year subscription promotion SPA
  • Designed & developed T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion SPA
  • Evaluated & updated legacy payment pages for augmentation and AB testing with new payment flows
  • Coordinated with backend team on administrative APIs to produce management tools for internal
  • & external use to allow staff to manage subscriptions, promotions for Slacker & partners
  • Established standards for web beacons in Ecom SPAs to measure usage & effectiveness
  • Standardized HTML practices to streamline QA Automation processes to test applications

Member of Webplayer Team

  • Participated in ongoing maintenance & build of major version of webplayer

Primary WordPress Developer

  • Built Slacker Blog WordPress theme
  • Standardized, documented, maintained Atom XML grammar for consumption of featured content to be consumed by mobile & web platforms
  • Customized WordPress backend to gather and publish featured content


  • Independently developed Slacker Image API SPA to test Image Services deployments
  • Led initial deployment of Slacker to the Roku Channel Store


  • Wireframes with Balsamiq Mockups; graphics production with Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator;

MooTools→jQuery; KnockoutJS; Bootstrap CSS; SASS & LESS CSS Preprocessors; Debugging

Android WebView, iOS NSWebViews, Microsoft Mobile Webvew with native developers; PHP;

Java Server Pages; build scripts with Apache Ant; build automation & continuous integration with

Apache Maven & Quickbuild; WordPress development with PHP

Contract Web Developer October 2009 –  January 2012 (2 years 4 months)

Developed multiple full stack web projects on a contract basis for a variety of client types:

independent film producers, webcomic creators, musicians, sports teams, learning management systems, web agencies, bloggers, fine artists.

Skills Utilized

  • wireframing, PHP programming, MySQL development, WordPress theme and plugin development, JavaScript programming (including jQuery, PrototypeJS, Knockout, momentJS, etc.), hosting, content migration, search engine optimization, Blogger→WordPress Conversions, Facebook application development, ColdFusion development, Flash ActionScripting, jQuery Mobile development, flickr image API programming

Engineer III (Contractor) at Qualcomm April 2011 –  August 2011 (5 months)

Developed & iterated prototypes and implementations in the Qualcomm Internet Services Group.

Wireframing, programming, coordination with backend team.

Web Developer (Contractor) at Ziiva August 2010 –  January 2011 (6 months)

ColdFusion and related programming on Ziiva’s customizable Learning Management System (LMS).

PHP Programmer at Neopets March 2009 –  October 2009 (8 months)

Programmed frontend and backend systems related to online gaming. Maintained reporting systems, AMFPHP services for consumption by Flash components. Developed UI changes using Dojo JavaScript library.

Web Developer (Contractor) at BLT & Associates December 2008 –  March 2009 (4 months)

Programmed content management system to power Flash-based website. Used PHP5, MySQL,

HTML, YUI, jQuery. Engineered PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS applications for the web, Facebook, and various online promotions.

Web Developer (Contractor) at Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) August 2008 –  November 2008 (4 months)

Sole programmer-consultant to develop and deploy intranet for a multinational corporation using open source SilverStripe Content Management tool. I did customizations using object-oriented PHP and used jQuery to optimize user interface features.

Web Developer (Contractor) at Vivendi Games March 2007 –  July 2008 (1 year 5 months)

Web Developer for Sierra Online, a Division of Vivendi Games. General programming and development on web sites supporting company’s casual and mid-session games. Skills utilized include HTML, CSS, AJAX including jQuery and Yahoo YUI library, JavaScript, PHP Programming,

Flash, Graphic Design, Apache configuration, Drupal including custom module development, UBB, Python Programming, and Facebook Applications.


Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Associate of Science, Summa Cum Laude, Respiratory Care / Phi Theta Kappa, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, Outstanding Clinical Achievement Award

San Diego City College

Java Programming, C++ Programming, General Education


2010 BeSwarm Charlottesville Un-Conference § 2010 North Carolina jQuery & JavaScript Camp § 2011 UX Camp DC § 2014 UX Speakeasy San Diego § 2017 StartUp Week San Diego § 2017 UX Workshop: Creating a design system in Sketch § 2018 Salesforce Lightning Tour § 2018 UXCampDC


Instalooter2WordPress 2020 – Present

PHP project to assist converting output from InstaLooter Instagram scraping program into WordPress WXR format.

Open Graph Protocol Tools WordPress Plugin 2010 – Present

Primary developer on a plugin to populate Open Graph metadata on WordPress pages.

Ongoing LAMP Web Hosting 2001 – Present

Initiated and maintain web hosting for multiple clients. Ongoing web hosting on the lamp stack keeps me current on web security and scaling issues.


Available upon request