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April 2020 Twenty-two posts

New Bot Day! Welcome T-Nature! @cup_o_teag gave this special homemade robot to me at Christmas and wrote a biography: “a nature spirit…a guardian from some distant planet to protect your creativity and passion”—but there’s a warning “water of the sea might disrupt her circuitry!” I love her!

The new normal.

Last week I got delivery from Chicken Pie Shop and got a cinnamon roll. Due to its mass, It had a strong gravitational pull.

Swarm Checkins

New Bot Day! This is Ash, the synthetic android science officer who conspires to save the xenomorph and expend the crew of the Nostromo. Ash is a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, played menacingly by Ian Holm in 1979’s Alien. #AlienDay

Kelly and I in a GIF

You can see Kelly and I in this. It’s kind of cool. For the San Diego Comic-Con Museum newsletter this past week.

New Bot Day! Bring in the FEMBOT! The ultimate weapon: the latest word in android replicant technology: brutal, lethal, efficient: no man can resist their charms. They are armed with machine guns and knockout gas and feminine wiles. They seduce the spy Austin Powers but are disabled by Powers’ seductive striptease mojo. Silly greatness from 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

New Bot Day! Teddy is a Super-Toy first seen in 2001’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence. He originated in 1969 science fiction short story by Brian Aldiss, “Supertoys Last All Summer Long.” Teddy is doleful and wise and a companion to the films’ protagonist: artificial boy David. The movie is visually ambitious but ultimately more failed fairy tale than classic SF. Teddy is Jiminy Cricket to David’s Pinocchio.

Not all the stuff on my shelves are robots! This terrific Creature from the Black Lagoon was a gift from my cousin @jonnysnow16 for my birthday before Covid changed everything.

New Bot Day! Voltes V! A new, taller vinyl edition! Voltes Five inspired my collection. The tv series ran 1977-1979. My family lived in the Philippines at that same time. Even under Marcos’ repressive regime, Japanese pop culture, especially robots, filtered to Metro Manila. The robots inspired me! I went to school at a massive Catholic school called La Salle Green Hills. Mostly Filipino but a few expat kids too. Many could draw so well. My classmates were my age: 7, 8, 9– but they could do shading and perspective! I learned a lot. 40 years later I’m still inspired by Voltes 5. Stay inspired. Stay safe! #voltesv

Fake it till you make it.

Swarm Checkins

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