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Skyways and transit

In February I attended an interesting webinar put on by It was part of Elevate SD 2020.

Given Sorrento Valley’s peculiarly hilly topography, they mentioned using skyways as part of a plan to bring transit. That seemed a rather novel (and to my intuition, fragile) solution. As it happens there are a number of locales with similar problems and working solutions: Roosevelt Island, Portland Aerial Tram – hospital, Mexico City’s “Mexicable.” Bogota Colombia and Brazil were also mentioned.

The things they have in common are:

  • significant grade differences
  • no guideway for rail

I’m quite curious to see if we will see aerial lifts used in this way in San Diego.

UPDATE: video is now available.

About Covid-19

Instantaneous global communication without nuance is a perfect carrier for amplifying panic. As a web technology cheerleader for 2-1/2 decades I find myself filled with ennui about this. As a former health care professional I urge cautious research and consultation with your own physician and local public health authorities. That instantaneous global communication response added to an incoherent Executive Branch in the US me want to scream. The delicacy and precarity of the current situation bugs the crap out of me. We know what cautious and complete public health response looks like, and it is absent. And it’s for THAT reason I worry.

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