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July 2015 Seventy-nine posts

Failures List.

QOTD: “I guess a robot would have to be crazy to want to be a folk singer.”

The Crockford Affirmation #javascript

Organic mint?

Shelby, wagging; from earlier today. #dogsofslacker

Railroad Crossing

Railroad Crossing, Cardiff (1)

This is the Chesterfield Drive railroad crossing in Cardiff-by-the-Sea; between San Elijo Avenue and the Coast Highway. It’s a beautiful spot. I declared earlier I love trains. Travel and adventure. Going away and returning home. New places and people; and old friends and family. I think I even took Amtrak alone, at least once, as a kid no older than 8, back to San Diego from Los Angeles to visit my grandparents. I know I flew as a kid once or twice. I wish I could remember those trips better. Forgotten or not, fake memory or real, here’s to making new travel memories – no matter if the trips are thousands of miles or just a few klicks up the coast in the same county.

Railroad Crossing, Cardiff (2)

Patagonia’s take on the Mick Fanning shark attack (pic from yesterday)

Shinehead me & the Kook. #CardiffKook

The Grateful Dead: Influences and Influencers


Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about Half Century Phenomenon The Grateful Dead?

I remember several Los Angeles nurses I worked with who dropped everything and went to San Francisco just to BE THERE in the immediate aftermath of Jerry Garcia’s death. The Dead means a lot to a lot of people.

On the net.cultural and intellectual property rights tip – The Dead were pioneers of allowing people to record their concerts and share them with each other decades before Napster existed.

Fascinating band and definitely deserve full attention in your 20th Century Music Appreciation Studies.


Encinitas: several million points for style. #OurLadyOfGuadalupe