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Maybe 2 days.


I looked at this Evel Knievel ad, the back cover of World’s Finest #243 from January 1977, far too much. Probably when we moved to the Philippines it was lost. Maybe to Goodwill? Maybe in a yard sale? Maybe in the trash. I loved comics. And in the Philippines I learned to love Asian media, particularly Giant Robots like Voltes V and Mazinger Z. I learned what Hello Kitty was though I wouldn’t learn the word “kawaii” for 3 decades. Anime joined Batman and Robin, Batgirl and the Peanuts gang in the things I love. This week I’ll be attending San Diego Comic-Con for the I-can’t-even-remember-th time. I’ll be looking out for old favorites and new favorites too. I collected comics for many years but sold them all just a few years ago. I lost all my enthusiasm for such things. I lost my Mother to cancer. It seemed like such enjoyments were useless and not “real” life. I am fortysomething and am pretty much a responsible person. “Adult” behavior seemed at odds with funnybooks.

Luckily I outgrew that phase.

I know I will see some of you at Comic-Con, which will be great. For the first time ever I’ll be dressing up one day (Walter Sobchak), adding another dimension to Comic-Con for me.

Maybe I’ll dress up two days.

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