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June 2019 Twenty-five posts

When Sundays Quarterly: Gemini comes out from @burn_all_books you oughta get one. Everyone’s pieces I’ve seen pieces of on Instagram have made me happy.

As You Like It.

Spalding Gray taught me so much. Glad to have a copy of this on DVD. The bootleg I had on VHS taped from A&E in 89 lasted a long time. Then the copy I torrented in 2005 worked for a long time. Now I’m legit. Spalding you are very missed.

Sorry about the gum. The Pantages is amazing and Phantom of the Opera was epic and we had a great time!


Initial test prints for my latest page for @burn_all_books’ Sundays Quarterly. Nick took good care of me and it turned out well. And the new @verbatim.books space—I got a preview—it’s awesome.

Silva weddings always. (These feet are Jim’s and Mary Lou’s)

What a lovely and happy occasion—Angelina & Bro we love you!

Mr & Mrs Silva!!!

Pop @ San Diego

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