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Inspiring talk this morning by @rizzhel.javier this morning at @creativemornings_sd — my #sketchnotes on her passionate exhortation to “tell your story” and how she inspires others as an educator and an artist in #sandiego—her projects include @bridge_org @peopleandplacesproject @theajaproject @littlesaigonstories @reelvoices — so much excellent stuff I vibe with—multiple identities, being a military brat, having your dad be gone a lot, feeling connected to artifacts and photos and letters. I’m so glad I attended this morning. #representation #pinoy #tellyourstory

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CAUTION head walking. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Fort Rosecrans looks down upon North Island, Coronado, and San Diego’s downtown.

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Sunset Cliffs with Kelly today.

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‪Experimenting with coloring my Machinder Gato Gigantica! Hooray @Procreate

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Verbatim Books I love.

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Good job, AmVets team 🇺🇸

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If I can drive 80 miles and then draw I will do it. #spillsantaana (from Thursday)

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Muertita de las Estrellas y del Sagrado Corazón (inspired by @krisztianna) #drinkanddraw #spillsantaana #spillinkanddrink

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