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April 2019 Twenty-three posts

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Observed moment near the Vietnam Memorial. Capped and sketched en route home. A volunteer helps some gentlemen look up a friend by name. A scene that happens all day long there. Finished on my flight home to San Diego. #vietnammemorial #washingtondc #procreate

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‪I’m in here now. I suppose my style is eclectic. #FaceYourArt‬

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Fletcher & PopPop & Space Shuttle Discovery OV-103.

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Uncle/Nephew silliness outside the Metro station.

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PULSE exhibit is really cool. Sensors read the pulse of visitors and then visualize them in different ways. My sister’s pulse triggers an actuator in the water triggering waves lit and projected onto the wall.

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“On your left!” —Cap

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I guard the window. -Neko

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Sumi likes me. So far.

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“I’m dyeing my paws” may sound crazy, but it’s true. #cosplay

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Because nothing communicates “California” and “vegetables” like an English idiom and an old white guy in a top hat with a monocle. Marketing has always been stupid. From the antique mall in Oceanside yesterday.

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