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  • Serene & Green
    ‪Latest play with Procreate. A serene green alien I first drew decades ago. Still learning.‬
  • Wherein I photobomb Cixin Liu
    That’s me in the back! From UCSD Clarke Center: In case you missed our sold-out evening with science fiction masters Cixin Liu and John Scalzi, you can now see the documentary video of the interview with Clarke Center Director Sheldon Brown at our Youtube channel:
  • Father’s Day, 2014.
    I posted this to Facebook and not here last year. But it’s worth reposting. Originally from June 15, 2014. i posted it with this photo. This week I got to see 2001: a space odyssey on a big screen for a third time. I got to see Kier Dullea in person talk about having worked…