Virtual Light by William Gibson read by Peter Weller

One of my favorite books and favorite audio books was the reading of an abridged Virtual Light by Peter Weller. I empathized with both Chevette Washington and Berry Rydell as young people trying to figure their lives out. And that future world was so vivid. From the 1990s a world with connected computers and multiuser hacker groups one could connect with regularly and powerful forces controlling a world made perfect sense.

The future we live in now, with so much poverty and wealth and creativity does feel very much like that world I first read about in 1993. I bought the book on the day of release. And when the audio book came out I bought it.

I have on my TODO list to get a copy of this audio book. But it is not straightforward to find. It’s out of print. I suspect that the world no longer wants–or the publishing world no longer wants to create–abridged books.

Here’s the information I have:

Virtual Light by William Gibson, Read by Peter Weller
Science Fiction
3 hours.

Random House Audio
CS ISBN 0553472755 $16.99
Two cassettes

2 audio cassettes (46:29, 46:04, 45:37, 45:19) approx. 183 minutes ¶
Penguin audiobooks, 1994
ISBN 0-14-086-062-2
Read by Peter Weller
Abridged by Nick Warburton
Produced by Karen Pearlman

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