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  • Mummy goes to Joanne

    And here’s my process video – playback from Procreate: A redraw of an inktober drawing from 2015: Halloweentime is fabric store season.

  • Happy Halloween 2008!

    Previous All Hallow’s Eve posts from me: 2007 and 2001 And here’s an old poster I made. View large Happy Halloween!

  • Vampirella like Rio by Nagel

    Terrific Vampirella drawing by Cliff Chiang, who has a fun blog. It’s an homage to Rio, of course — by Patrick Nagel. Nagel was among my inspirations when I was a teenager. The technical craftsmanship, the acute graphic design sense inspired me.

  • Misc-y Halloween!

    Did I really go a day without blogging? For shame! No, not really. It’s Halloween, though I don’t have any special visuals to offer you today — I’ve been far too busy lately. But I do have many tasty linky treats to offer. Really! Remember, Color Me Badd — famous for the song I Want…

  • Bursty Halloween Traffic on

    I got a spike of traffic as a result of coming up high for some Halloween search terms, notably “pumpkin designs” and “halloween pumpkin designs” But with the end of the spooky pumpkin season, traffic abates. As Tom Bickle would say, c’est la vie.

  • Guts Cake

    Yeah, no posts in a while eh? Latest bit of interestingness is the cake I made for Alex’s birthday: White cake, raspberry filling, and powdered sugar icing. The ribs are made from white chocolate. Sculpted by Joe. It was a lot of work, but very fun. More later this week.

  • Halloween Poster, 1987

    In 1987, the year I graduated High School, I did this poster for Halloween. I’m still proud of this one. It’s a big mishmash of characters, it made an impression on those who came by, it was fun to do. Related: pumpkin designs.

  • It’s Halloween…

    I used to really love Halloween. I used to love dressing up in costume. But these days I find I’d just rather be me. I suppose that’s a function of narcissism – why be someone else when being yourself is so great! Perhaps that’s not it. Maybe I’m just a grown up. I’m 31 years…