It’s Halloween…

I used to really love Halloween. I used to love dressing up in costume. But these days I find I’d just rather be me. I suppose that’s a function of narcissism – why be someone else when being yourself is so great! Perhaps that’s not it. Maybe I’m just a grown up.

I’m 31 years old and have worn many costumes. In the past I have donned the following costumes: Pirate ’77ish, Homemade Spaceman ’79ish, Hare Krishna ’86ish, Hip Devil ’84, Pseudo-Frankenstein ’85ish, The Joker ’91 (I won a prize for that one, green hair, red lips, white face, great costume), Mime ’01 (for a costume party this year), Batman ’76ish (2 ways – I used to have capes my Grandmother made for me of Batman and Superman, which I would wear when I played – I still have a Batman fetish), Bunny ’73-4ish (if I remember the family photos right), Jesus ’97ish (I had long hair – for a H’ween costume party – you might also call that “Chubby Jesus”).

On looking at that rough accounting of what I have been — maybe I’m just tired of finding solutions to the costume problem?

Every year Jenny harps on me to find out what I’m going to be this year, and every year I get sick of her asking, and find the question silly.

I think if I could figure out why I have such trouble figuring out a costume every year I could figure out my procrastination and completion issues. Maybe next year. Heh.

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