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Kelly and I made sugar cookies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Work donuts were sprinkletastic today.

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Happiness is dropping by @burn_all_books & @verbatim.books when I want to (this was yesterday)

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Sometimes my brush pen gets used in goofy ways.

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Nephews @ Mosaic last week.

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Yesterday was a long day but leaving Denver gave some nice views.

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Sorry I’m running late my United flight on a 757-200 had an engine failure necessitating a non-emergency landing in the Mile High City and a stopover. I think I’ll use my lunch voucher on a Bloody Mary. (I kid, it was all handled very professionally. From fault to safe landing was about 25 minutes).

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Time to get back to California.

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Leave in the morning and goodness I’m going to miss family. I won’t miss the temperatures.

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