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I really need a new picture  

Leah and I agree…

Leah and I will never make Hot Dutch Tuna Buns.

Web Comics

This Hackles is pretty darn cute. Nerdy fun!

Headers And Rain

New Header. Thanks Leah for the great photos I can use for my occasional flights of fancy. You can see some other headers based on her photography at: 11/11/2003, 11/02/2003, 09/23/2003.

Man am I busy. I guess this latest header is something about fast motion, the deluge, overloading.

But classes are going well, LAMP Host is great, freelance is fine. And it’s raining like crazy, still. I like it. It’s scary, it’s fun.

“When the rain washes you clean — you’ll know”

“You will know”

Lent has begun. I scarcely noticed.

Sacrifice is a good word. Time to take stock. It’s a good thing, to examine oneself. Find out more about Lent.

San Diegans — enjoy the rain! It’s good to get washed clean.

I have not been particularly reflective here in the blog of late. I think it’s time to do more of it. I’ve been coasting too long.

Today my thoughts are scattered all about. There’s Spanish class, Statistics and Java. There’s python. There’s 1997 websites (you can’t have enough rollovers!). There’s laundry to be done. There’s a W-2 from last year that still has yet to arrive. There are lists of TO-DO’s a mile long. And the thing I have to remind myself is: one thing at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. Goals are great, but life must be experienced step by baby-step. (And yes, I am making a What About Bob? reference there.

So on this wet night, I bid you good night.


GPG are Go!

The instructions here for getting GPG working on Mac OS X are EXCELLENT! Configuring GnuPG (Mac OS X). So slick and so useful when one needs to communicate securely.

William Gibson Interview

In the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Squinting at the present”:

“I remember [in the early ’80s] seeing posters for the small, semi-portable version of the Apple IIc,” he says. “Quite a lot of what I subsequently imagined in my early science fiction simply came from seeing that ad in a bus stop. I didn’t know anything about it technologically. I just thought if it’s that small and that nicely styled, everything is changing.”

The creative process for him has two stages. The writing is preceded by a long period of “sitting grumpily, staring out the window.” That explains why his nine books, all of which are still in print, have appeared at unpredictable intervals. “The typing on the keyboard takes about a year. The staring out the window can be any length of time and is usually harder.” He’s now grumpily contemplating his next novel, another present-day tale.

Recent Mix CD Made

01 – Voltes V Opening Theme … Voltes V
02 – I am Jullandar Shere … Cornershop
03 – Serenata Nortena … Los Lobos
04 – California … Mylène Farmer
05 – Falsas Esperanzas … Christina Aguilera
06 – I Zimbra … Talking Heads
07 – 99 Luftballons … Nena
08 – Cielito Lindo … Los Lobos
09 – Piel Morena … Thalia
10 – 2 Become 1 … Spice Girls
11 – CA Plane Pour Moi (This Life’s For Me) … Plastic Bertrand
12 Sarabai! Happy Hen … Azumanga Daioh
13 – Mais Que Nada … Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
14 – Fotos Y Recuerdos (Back In The Chain Gang) Selena

Old Shoe


Last week was hard.

Lots of work on all fronts. I feel like these look:

Old Docs

I had those shoes since about 1996.

Two weeks ago Leah and I had a small ceremony and let them go, she took the photo above to commemorate their passing.

I recently bought some new shoes. This is a rather big step, because I despise shopping for clothes and I despise purchasing shoes most of all. But as you can see above, it was time.

It’s been a trying week. This weekend I’ve been mostly working a freelance project that is good stuff, but tight deadline-wise.

School is going fine. I’m kicking Java’s ass! Spanish is okay, though I misunderstood the instructions for some homework and missed a day 2 weeks ago from feeling poorly, so I’m turning on the diligence full-blast. Statistics is fine, I enjoy that, and hope to turn some of my new statistics knowledge into some code for the lab and for WebSanDiego.org.

I have some other freelance stuff percolating as well. When something finally launches, I’ll be posting about it, but for now things are either hush hush, or not quite done enough to post about.

The upside is that the checks are clearing on these non-public work projects.

I’m looking forward to an improved week this week. A bit less stress and complexity.

And I hope you have a good week too.


Blog? What’s it good for?

Tom Bickle asks:

Now that you’ve been at it for a few years, what do you think is the single most useful aspect of keeping an online journal? Self-reflection? A “backup-brain?” Form of expression? What do *you* get out of it that you most value?

I think the thing that’s best for me is as an “outlet” — a kind of pressure valve when things get rough. In good times, it’s nice to be able to write, but when things are bad, writing is a great mechanism for articulating my feelings and letting off steam.

Second best is indeed as a junk drawer for my thoughts and when things happen. When did I take a leave of absence? When did I move? It’s in the blog. What was that link for the funny David Hasselhoff video? When did I work on such-and-such project? It’s in the blog.

Great question Tom.


Happy 3rd Birthday ArtLung Blog

It was 3 years ago today that I started blogging.

Since then I’ve been blogging about all and sundry: including: work; play; religion; politics; the weather; changing jobs; marital separation; divorce; new love with Leah; … Everything.

My life, edited for public consumption and private introspection.

And more to come. More writing, and more life.

And so, a toast to myself: Onward, Joe Crawford!

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