this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • iTunes Bug Fix Addition

    I’ve gotten two noted from people about iTunes Error: “The iTunes Music Library file cannot be read because it does not appear to be a valid library file” — saying that reinstalling iTunes was not necessary. I’ve added a note indicating that step as optional, but if the instructions fail, to reconsider reinstallation. Thanks internet!

  • New Column from Leah

    (I got to read this in advance — it’s a good one) .. WritersMonthly.US- Puking at 30,000 feet

  • Languages Today

    // This is my first Java Program — today public class JoeCrawford { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.print(“Hello Joe!\n\n”); System.out.println(“\tThis is fun?”); System.out.println(“What is the . . . \1 \2 \3 \4 \5 \6?”); } } and… ¡Hola! ¿Como te llamas? Muy bien, ¿y tu?

  • My Java Class

    I need to download the Mac version of jGRASP. It went well. Spanish in a bit. Busy busy. Good good.

  • School

    I start School today. I’m nervous. I’m excited.