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I was looking up the word Sedevacantism — a word I had never read before — and I came across another term, I did — Tridentine Mass:

“While the Vatican does allow the use of Latin Masses, it insists that the latin version of the new Missal be used rather than the older Tridentine Mass, which only can be celebrated with a special dispense. These Parishes are approved by Rome and their local Bishop. There are now Parishes dedicated to the exclusive celebration of the Mass said according to the 1962 Missal, itself based on the original Tridentine Missal of 1570.”

And Mom, don’t worry, I can say certifiably I don’t truck with these splinter-Catholics. It’s just interesting to me, the history and controversies.

I find the efforts of groups to splinter away from any religious group fascinating. The whole of the history of Christianity is of groups seeing things differently. My wish would be that people learn to agree to disagree in peace.

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