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  • How the Press Failed Us Before The Iraq Invasion and Occupation

    The New York Review of Books: Now They Tell Us: “Since the end of the war, journalists have found no shortage of sources willing t criticize the administration. (Even Colin Powell, in a recent press conference, admitte that, contrary to his assertions at the United Nations, he had no ‘smoking gun’ proof of a link…

  • San Diego Bloggers, Ads

    San Diego Bloggers now includes Google Adsense Ads. I have pondered including advertising in some of my sites for some time, and now SDB includes them, as of yesterday. I’m curious to see how well they work — or don’t work.

  • Cool Feature from the US Postal Service

    USPS – Track & Confirm by Email. I recently sent off for a renewal of my passport, and I did delivery confirmation, and I get notifications that they got it. It’s so cool.