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  • Kerry/Bush

    George W. Bush and John Kerry both spent their mid twenties in uniform. The similarities end there.

  • Politics & Professional Judgement

    Bruce Schneier: Crypto-Gram: February 15, 2004 In the last issue of Crypto-Gram I published a couple of security essays that had a political component. I was surprised by the number of e-mails I received from people accusing me of bashing Bush (or worse). American politics may be getting vitriolic, but I think it’s worth stepping…

  • Open Source Activist Tools

    Designing for Civil Society: Top 10 Open Source Tools for eActivism: “Top 10 Open Source Tools for eActivism” — all these would work on LAMP Host.

  • Don’t Snoop On Me

    [IP] Don’t snoop on us: In the name of national security and of protecting us from the mad men of our times they spur the Congress to pass laws that strip away citizen’s rights to privacy and civil liberty. The phrase ‘Don’t tread on me!’ expresses the attitude of a mentally healthy public that understands…

  • Ashes to Reefs

    Apropos of my Ashes to Diamonds story: Eternal Reefs, A Cremation Memorial Option (via Meg)