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Married, moved, and getting it together.

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Daily Links

Daily Links

Kanab From Above

My brother in law took this great picture of his daughter above Kanab. I love how the photo implies Kanab is some kind of metropolis. It’s a great town, but don’t think for a minute there’s more than one stoplight. 🙂

Many of my in-laws went on a hike on Tuesday. It was quite a hike, apparently I went more than 2/3rds up the red rock bluffs. Then, that was it. It was over a mile in distance, it felt as high as that photo shows. Maybe 15 stories or so, but that’s just a guess. Most of the family went the full distance, My calves hate me, but they’re in for more of a treat when I (finally!) get my bike. I think my knees are alright. They’re looking forward to less weight pressing down on them.

Thought Provoking

Thought of the day from AskMoses.com:

If you are not at peace with others, examine if you are at peace with yourself.

Americart Pricing Change for Pair Customers

I loved Americart at $15/month when it was through Pair.com.

The pricing has changed now, and the minimum is now at $40/month. I dislike this change immensely.

Any Americart workalikes out there that are at a lower rate? I think it’s time to move away from Americart, much as I have loved recommending them to clients.

More than doubling prices SUCKS. It feels like extortion. And I have to pass this cost along to my clients.


Update: I got the lower rate for one year for a client. I will be looking at alternatives.

Daily Links

What’d I Miss?

1. Merry Christmas!

2. Back from Utah. Great trip.

3. James Brown and Gerald Ford died? That sucks.

4. Earthquake in Asia knocks out lots of internet? That’s technically interesting and somewhat sad.

5. Email and work to catch up on.

6. Wait, we didn’t send the Christmas cards? (That was my job, and we’re way behind, sports fans)

7. Love and Peace to all you all out there.

8. Seriously, what’d I miss?

Trip Preparation

Laundry almost done. Presents almost packed. Cards almost mailed. Almost almost almost. What better thing to do than to blog?!?

Doug Welch points out what could be pretty interesting — wergamers.com. In person gaming. Why, we could call it, an arcade! Seriously though, this looks really cool. The boys might dig it too. Lately they really love playing NFL Street.

LAVoice.org has an article on where to buy a bike. I’m *this* close to buying one. For real.

My brother-in-law took my niece to be on the radio. Check it out.

Ouch! The Spider of Doom — that’s more or less how I hosed sandiegobloggers for those months. Luckily, now it’s in much better hands. The Daily WTF is now a must read for me. Such wonderful folly.

Have a good thought for missewon, willya?

I’m not sure I agree with the list, but it’s not a bad list: 50 Greatest Cartoons.

While we’re on lists, how about Movie Musicals? I grew up on Fiddler on the Roof and Sound of Music, myself. I am SO much older and wiser. Telling you what to do..

There’s folding to do, dude.

Possibly more over on the vox.

Daily Links

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