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The Nose Knows?

Leah’s body rejects nose piercing: The Nose Knows?

There’s always next time. She had it pierced before she knew me, and if I were a betting man I’d say she’ll do it again sometime. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 15 years. But she likes them.
For a long time I thought the appearance of my mate reflects on me, and my estimation of myself was in relation to that. No longer. I used to reject the idea of such a piercing in my mate for just that reason. Yeah, it’s disordered thinking to base one’s own self-image on the appearance of someone else. Luckily that’s not my style anymore.

Interestingly, one of the few dress code rules at my current employer is “no facial piercings,” so I have an excuse not to be confronted with an impulse to have one.

I thought it looked really lovely on her, for the record. I usually don’t find such things my cup of tea, but it looked really great on her. Then again, look at the canvas it was placed on. 😉

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