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Cat and Girl Make Me Laff

I don’t follow many comics or webcomics these days. Over the years I’ve been enamored of ones like Sinfest (fully likable, manga inspired, vaguely religious) and Penny Arcade (a little too inside-baseball, all about gaming and nerds, not my thing, but the ferocity and velocity of the humor can be pretty great, though the language can get to be too extreme). I also like the Perry Bible Fellowship (which I can only recommend if you can appreciate deeply twisted and cynical comics that come in a nearly infinite variety of styles, it can be a bit too adult as well). The most successful comic for me is not even a comic, but an animation, and that’s HomeStarRunner, which I consider just about a perfect use of the web for fun entertainment, and I truly appreciate that it’s family friendly. All that said, my favorite lately is Cat and Girl which works for me graphically, simple while still being fun, and sometimes deeply smart, even profoundly so. Check out the latest one: “Che and Castro were the Steve and Eydie of Socialist Cuba”, — and the silly title is not even the best part! here’s a sample two frames, not funny, but a taste of the kind of stuff that gets inserted into what’s ostensibly a silly webcomic:

Cat and Girl Excerpt

I like erudition and philosophy mixed in with my silly kartoon hijinks. Cat and Girl delivers.

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