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It’s Tuesday

From Cam, to “thought leaders”

Please stop writing posts like this.

Where you make every sentence its own paragraph.

To try and make your writing sound more insightful or profound.

I have done this sometimes: it can be effective maybe! But it always reads self-important. And when you have that attitude as you write it’s probably a bad sign. It makes me curious to try to write code (today I’d write it in Python, 3 weeks ago, PHP, but given my site ultimately lives in a database SQL might be best) to find when I’ve been guilty of it in blog posts. Most of my writing hubris is just sloth–I love a run on sentence, an emdash, or a semicolon. Oh, and sentence fragments. Alas.

Tracy is drifting away from the sci-fi genre and some of the titles she mention I may look to.

There’s more than ever to read, but it’s harder to find good stuff to read, maybe. Clarkesworld closed submissions indefinitely because so many of their submissions were AI-generated drivel. How on earth do you wade through an infinite slush pile? AI is just spam:

Clarkesworld Magazine is no stranger to tales of artificial intelligence impacting society, but in a sad and wild case of life imitating art, the Hugo Award-winning magazine has had to temporarily close its doors to submissions due to it being bombarded with people filing science fiction stories ostensibly written by ChatGPT.

I also read about that in this post: Are We Watching The Internet Die? by Ed Zitron:

We’re at the end of a vast, multi-faceted con of internet users, where ultra-rich technologists tricked their customers into building their companies for free. And while the trade once seemed fair, it’s become apparent that these executives see users not as willing participants in some sort of fair exchange, but as veins of data to be exploitatively mined as many times as possible, given nothing in return other than access to a platform that may or may not work properly.

As an IndieWeb stalwart, the small, slow, and IndieWeb has been here all along. But newspapers are dying. Journalism is being starved. We don’t have much shared space to find out how our world works.

No, I don’t have a solution.

Local to San Diego, the terms of the lease of San Onofre Beach from the US military will be changing.

I read the other day a person I worked with a few jobs back who has been out of work more than a year got hired. Made me happy.

This site appears up to date and includes listings of folks still hiring. Though I do see a fair number of notices of layoffs every week across industries. Seems like I read Tesla did some layoffs yesterday. years ago I was offered an introduction to a manager at Tesla, but I declined. I’d read enough about Musk as a manager to know that it would not be a place I would like to work.

This gallery of audio cassette cases is terrific.

I had not heard of Hillfit but I’ll be checking it out. I am deeply suspicious of most workout stuff. I do love a vigorous ocean swim. It might look like “habitual drowning risk” but to me it’s fun. It feels purposeful that doing a static thing like a pushup or working a machine doesn’t. But from MAS’s 2013 post: Hillfit 2.0: A Zero Budget Approach to High Intensity Training he includes a quote I really love:

“train as much as necessary, not as much as possible” – Perhaps the best quote was ever written on fitness.

And this:

how adults can benefit from getting on the floor and engaging in movement patterns we stop doing as infants

In my bodysurfing, I am basically dancing with the water, when I’m doing it well. I am attempting to shape my own ungainly, overweight body into shapes that can harness the energy of waves to travel with speed and some grace. The movements are not ones I do on land. But doing this as regularly as I do has meant that the way I can move on land has changed.

Anyway, I’ll be perusing the books. If you feel inclined, give them a star on GitHub.

I updated the post: Services Shutdown Email of the Day: InVision with a link to a service that claims to be able to export your data if you have piles of it in Invision: Invision Bulk Export dot com.

USC offers a minor in “Resistance to Genocide”–and now, their valedictorian, Asna Tabassum, who has that very minor (major: biomedical engineering) won’t be speaking due to concerns about safety.

Mike Sterling runs a blog about comics called Progressive Ruin:

My name is Mike. I sell funnybooks at my comic book store Sterling Silver Comics, located in Camarillo, CA. I used to work for Ralph’s Comic Corner (later Seth’s Games and Anime) in Ventura, CA. I’ve been at it since 1988, and yet I am still alive.

I lived in Moorpark and Simi Valley for a bunch of years, I think I went to Ralph’s Comic Corner many years ago. Somehow I never ran across his blog. I was following him on Twitter for several years. He’s funny you see. And insightful. Now he’s still both, but on Blue Sky at And now I’m gonna read his blog.

Happy Tuesday gang. It’s rough out there. Chin up.

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Yes, writing that way for absolutely everything is tediously self-important.

Like a strong spice, it ought to have a time and place.

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