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December 2018 Thirty-nine posts

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Recording and photography is not allowed inside Preservation Hall. No rules against drawing though. Sublime and intense and wonderful musical experience.

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Line for Preservation Hall is a perfect representation of the Sunk Cost fallacy. I was hoping for the 5pm show. Then the 6. Now waiting for the 8. But jazz, and famous. And beautiful.

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Holidays in the Quarter. Hundreds of years of tipsy partying in a row. It’s something else.

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The door on the left was a 7-11 forty years ago. I played Centipede, Asteroids, Galaxian & Battlezone for the first time in that room.

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Life on the Mississippi

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I could draw with kids all day.

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I was very happy to see Gigantor yesterday when I went to Baton Rouge and my bag went to New Orleans!

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Archer and me. Travel mishaps entirely worth it.

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