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November 2020 Thirty-four posts

Eastern sky

Do You Want To Art Trade?! “Cube Cat’s Drink” is Riso printed by the amazing @burn_all_books at 8-1/2″x11″. Do you have a physical zine you’re proud of? Or an original drawing? Or a killer sticker? This is an experiment in art-trading. I love mail and I love physical art. I’ve got 23 ready to go. DM me and let’s do a deal!

Relish relish assembly (from Wednesday).

New Bot Day! Bumblebee is an original Transformer (1984) and well-loved enough to be in every version of that franchise. His headlining movie is good! See it. This one transforms into a classic 60s Volkswagen Bug. I like how this one tickles my memories!

On Thanksgiving during non-pandemic times I do a large relish tray of fresh veggies, pickled and spicy fun stuff for the Greater Crawford Family here in San Diego. This year for safety things are abbreviated. The solution: takeaway trays! Next year? Biggest tray ever. Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe!

0630 is not too early

New Bot Day! I love this guy but he’s regrettably anonymous. I picked him up in a booth at @designercon 2018. Paid cash, no receipt. Can’t remember the booth. “A&A CHINA” on the back of his helmet. I like him! He seems like a survivor.

“Rec pool”

Afternoon swum

Foggy passage