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  • Goodbye, Flash

    I have a long history with Flash, so seeing my Mac pop this up about this shutdown hurts a little. Thank you for using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe’s support for Flash Player will end on December 31st, 2020. Please see the Adobe Flash EOL General Information Page for more details. If you do not need…

  • Flash Game History

    Wow. This is cool. I remember Flash like crazy. Here’s some real old work in Flash I did.

  • Source cited

    So over several months I was consulted for an article about Flash. There were some issues and errors in it initially, but now that it’s all there, I’m delighted to show you the link: Time to de-Flash your site? Now, Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that “Any headline which ends in a question mark can…

  • Flash, 1997

    Speaking of reclamation projects. Well, were we? Another blast from the past is in here at where you can see my Flash work from 1997. There’s even an .spl file! (.spl was the extension for FutureSplash files. .swf was the new .spl file).

  • Massive Sqwertz Custom Layer
    Interview with Brett Jackson, creator of Massive Sqwertz

    Brett Jackson is a designer who’s been working the web since 1997. He left his cushy gig as Art Director for Google in New York to move to Switzerland with his wife. He has recently relocated again to Los Angeles where he freelances Flash and graphic design. In April 2010, Brett began working on a…

  • Chatroulette: Merton, Ben Folds

    The wonder serendipity that was part of the net I remember now gets YouTubed and shared back with the world. I wrote about Chatroulette last month, here’s some wonderful video that is internet + piano + video + flash-enabled randomized connected chat. It’s a wonderful selection. Note: there are swear words. I still like Ben…

  • I finished Red Remover

    Altogether, Red Remover was pretty hard. If I finish a silly Flash game I don’t necessarily take a screenshot, but this one was pretty darn hard.

  • New Words: The Flash Mind Reader

    So people send me links to this thing, and I just can’t stand people thinking these little tricks are somehow reading their minds. So I made: “The Flash Mind Reader” – How It Works

  • History of Flash

    “The story of Flash as told by its inventor Jonathan Gay” — kind of neat. At my first web job we did lots of Splash work, crazy crazy stuff. I have the old FutureSplash and Flash icons in my old resume (I’m not linking you to old resumes. Yuck. The brave and/or crazy may visit…