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I loved Halloween as a kid. And I love putting on a costume. I’ve been attending San Diego Comic Con since I was a kid.

Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin Marvel

Professor “MadEye” Moody Harry Potter

Q Star Trek

Gideon Graves Scott Pilgrim

Walter Sobchak The Big Lebowski

What did or would Walter Sobchak’s dog tags say? on Ask MetaFilter

Capricorn One

Professor Hank “Beast” McCoy Marvel

Captain Padre Marvel / San Diego Padres mashup

The Joker DC/Batman

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omg, I didn’t realize you’d been doing it for so many years. That’s so impressive.

My favorite’s Walter Sobchak! No wonder you got the John Milius from one of our movie conversations, I think it was about me finally watching Red Dawn.

There are some great photos of me as Walter. He and Q and Kingpin are the ones that get the most reaction by far. Walking through the Gaslamp as Walter one year was the best!

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