never enough

06 aug 2002 · by Joe Crawford

never enough for me
always wanting more
of myself
of others
trying to do more
and be more
seeking what?


why must i always want more than i can have?
why do i have such a problem with:
      “to accept the things i cannot change”
i should be able to understand myself
i want to know my limitations

but the thing is
my best moments
are when i bust through my limitations
moving myself past what seemed like my boundaries

so why is it never enough?
why is it so hard to have a moment of peace
of accepting where i am
and being serene and calm in it?

i want a moment where things are enough.
a moment of calm clarity,
when i can accept things as they are.
accept MYSELF as i am.

how do i find
      “the wisdom to know the difference”

always questions.