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April 2021 Thirty-one posts

One of the best ways to watch the sunset #southmissionbeach

Marine Room Awkward

Adding the infix “izzle” to “drizzle” makes it “drizzizzle.” Happy Monday!

Swarm Checkins

I bought a black light flashlight because my youngest nephew sent me a message with secret invisible ink. It’s otherwise useless but is kinda neat. What else can I do with a black light?

Swarm Checkins

As I was coming in at the Cove yesterday there were three little breakers which I sorta rode. I always dig when the Cove breaks even though it messes up Garibaldi-viewing.

If it can be swum I’ll swim

New sticker for the back of my notebook.

Now overcast days never turned me off

Last call on a drizzly day

I saw this plush heart bot yesterday at the La Mesa Antique Mall but did not make the purchase. But it has energy I like.

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