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My teammates for Harry Potter Trivia are amazing. #kyloron

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Walter & Scarecrow! Happy Halloween!!!

Observation on whataboutism

It’s always neat when I meet people who say “President N also did that in response to a criticism.” Sometimes it’s useful historical context. But often it’s a feckless way to divert criticism. The claim that every President is the same or every President is just like Trump is laughable and deserves ridicule. Moreover, the claim that nothing ever changes ever with government is also laughable. Rights to vote, rights to marry, treatment of gays, tax burden changes over the years, access to healthcare, access and quality of education. These things change. And pointing at Obama or FDR or Clinton or Reagan or Bush or whoever doesn’t negate the fact that the current President is hostile to good governance and good manners and is an affront to anyone with operating brain cells. The emperor has no clothes. Tell the truth about it without deflecting.

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Hello friend. “I’M SHOMER SHABBOS!” #happyhalloween #waltersobchak

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Yesterday was full of art and friends. A whirlwind. A most excellent day.

Swarm Checkins

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Day of the Dead

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I found the “ARTLUNG” stamp which I was sure had been lost forever! Who is up for a postcard or pen pal?

Swarm Checkins

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Emptied out Storage last weekend. It was an accomplishment! Much help from @leahblooms in the weeks prior.

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“Joseph Arther (sic) Crawford”: Batman Shrinky Dinks® from about 1975 before I could spell my middle name.

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