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I recently took over responsibility for from James upon his spring cleaning. Over the weekend I had fun playing with the static site generator Eleventy and Netlify which I’m going to roughly describe as a “hosting service” though that doesn’t quite totally say it all.

Anyway, the theory is that this site will update daily with a random blog that’s listed from a chunk of static json inside the repository.

In my experience a project that highlights at random an individual project per day can be the source of stress for people–maybe they want very much to be included and were not–or maybe they very much would prefer to not be included and were. And with one per day and selected randomly, well, your blog might not show up soon. I added a few blogs I read off the top of my head but with no rhyme or reason. Exactly the wrong way to go about better inclusion, but no matter, I am more than happy to listen to suggestions as to how to make a project like this better, funner, nicer, kinder, and useful.

So to be added

  1. Fork the repository and add your indie web blog (hardest for you, easiest for me)
  2. Send this page a webmention (slightly easier for you, slightly more work for me)
  3. Add a comment to this page (much easier for you, even more work for me)
  4. Add an issue in GitHub (similar work for both of us)
  5. Send me an email or message on social media or whatever (maximum work for me, but I’m not against this! I like email!)

If you have questions feel free to ask here or on GitHub.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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