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Joe Project Updates

It’s fun to see the last 30 days and the last 23 years side by side. See #3 below:
  1. was updated to include a README file.
  2. I updated by Tilde Club site:
  3. The landing page of the site is no longer the blog. Instead, it’s an overview with various pages and projects. See:
  4. I keep adding to the styling on this site based on headers:
    • I made a new header last week
    • I added respect for @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) in the CSS Thanks Al and James for reviewing it
    • Many buttons and user interface elements were affected by these changes using code like color-mix(in srgb, var(--backgroundColor), var(--global-background-color) 20%). Buttons to set full screen on tag pages, the visualization page, pagination for blog pages.
  5. I’m using a CDN to improve site responsiveness and uptime. WordPress and PHP code do what they’re good at and the CDN can serve assets, fast.
  6. I added support for comments (and webmentions and pingbacks) on a few of the pages of the site I didn’t before.
  7. I took over from James. Already had a few folks add themselves. Learning to use Eleventy and Netlify. See my page about the project. If you have an IndieWeb or even just an “indie” blog, add yourself!
  8. The next Front End Study Hall will be this Thursday. Al asked me to explain what the code FLEX: 1 0 0 does as though he was a child. We’ll try! I want to do a basic scroll-based animation in a live coding session. I always have a good time during the Study Hall. JOIN US!

On a personal note: I notice I’m shaving my face slightly less often than every day or every 2 days. That can be correlated with not taking care of my needs properly. I’m keeping an eye on it. Less self-care and less beach equals trouble, basically. But it can also mean a period of productive improvement before a breakthrough. Impossible to know the difference while it’s happening.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading!

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