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Current listening material:2001Apr02

Current listening material: Jurassic 5, Prince, Christina.

Latest reading: The Big U, by Neal Stephenson. The Big U is a remarkable book, not the least of which for being about the darkest comedy I’ve ever experienced. Savage in some parts, while retaining an odd charm. Apparently the author did not really wish it to come back into print, considering it too much a first novel. My favorite Neal Stephenson remains: The Diamond Age.

I have lots of JavaScript experience.2001Apr02

I have lots of JavaScript experience.

Amazingly, this makes me valuable in some ways. I had no idea that people would tip for it. I got my first Tip the other day through the lab. Is my Lab now a commercial site? Or am I just a busker – some modern day mendicant poet of JavaScript?


The quote in the new header is from Confucius.2001Apr03

The quote in the new header is from Confucius. Much wisdom in the Analects.

We walk a path. We seek wisdom.

I have gained no wisdom today.

Perhaps tomorrow.

It’s the little things in life that have greatness..2001Apr05

It’s the little things in life that have greatness.., google,, imdb, amazon,

These are useful. That is a great compliment.

Free as Air, Free as Water, Free as Knowledge:2001Apr08

Free as Air, Free as Water, Free as Knowledge: is my favorite link to quote people these days. I like especially the references to Ben Franklin. How do we resolve the problem of fair use in a market driven world? Dan Gillmor’s latest column, which calls for people to get active on the issue of fair use, brought the speech once again to mind. I also posted this to MetaFilter.

Yup, the script still runs.2001Apr09

Yup, the script still runs.

Jenny I love you!

I think the fact2001Apr11

I think the fact that I sometimes find myself up until 3 in the morning for no really good reason is an indicator that I’m undeniably a night owl. I like staying up late, but this is ridiculous.

How wonderful it is to have worked with cool people:2001Apr11

How wonderful it is to have worked with cool people:
ingrid, steveS, brett, joeT, jamison, carolynC, liz.
And that’s just a slice!

Go Christina!2001Apr12

Go Christina!. Award Shows are useless. The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards doubly so. But I like Christina, so nyeah.

The weather here in San Diego today is lovely.2001Apr12

The weather here in San Diego today is lovely. Not too hot. Sunny. Pleasant.

Almost beach weather! Water temperature still not high enough for bodysurfing or swimming La Jolla Cove though.

From The Memory Lane Dept2001Apr12

From The Memory Lane Dept: TI-99, Amigas, and PowerMacs, OH MY!. I’ve been thinking maybe I should be writing longer pieces for the site. I am such a long-winded person on mailing lists, maybe I should be more long-winded here.

Another header. And old ones here.2001Apr13

Another header. And old ones here.

The Fresh Air radio show from Tuesday2001Apr14

The Fresh Air radio show from Tuesday, April 10, 2001: a remarkable interview with the author of a new biography of Timothy McVeigh.Their book is significant to history, given Mr. McVeigh’s shyness with the press, and yet the authors, both journalists, come across as mild-mannered to a fault. Until I had heard an exerpt on the radio, I had not realized that McVeigh had confessed to the crime.Their book is called American Terrorist and looks to be worth a read.

William Gibson, in the new film No Maps For These Territories, describes seeing footage of the Murrah Building on CNN as a pivotal moment. The bar for science fiction had been raised, as the modern world made another leap of incomprehensibility.

The PHP AutoMagic Gallery Listing2001Apr14

The PHP AutoMagic Gallery Listing is the latest item to be added to The Lab. Never heard of PHP? Shame on you!

Another reason why I idolize William Gibson:2001Apr17

Another reason why I idolize William Gibson:

I can’t get the phrase “Venice decompressed” out of my head. The phrase is in the book Idoru. I’ve been listening to the audio book version on my short commute.

Venice decompressed.

Our taxes were done for the 16th.2001Apr18

Our taxes were done for the 16th.

Many tasks remain undone.

So tonight Jenny and I are watching TV.2001Apr22

So tonight Jenny and I are watching TV. It’s a special on PBS.

Quite good, and all about the human genome.

So they start talking about cystic fibrosis – a genetic disease which wreaks havoc on the lungs and body of those who have it. Very awful, and something I would occasionally deal with back when I was still a Respiratory Therapist.

Now, the interesting part comes when we hear the a person who has this disease of CF mention that she lost four pounds overnight. my wife hears this and tosses off a “I would love to lose four pounds overnight.”

My reply is, “no you don’t want to lose four pounds with…” and here I think. “CF” but when I say it out loud it is expanded to “Cold Fusion.” Cold Fusion is a web programming language.

This is the moment I realize that inhabiting my skull is no longer the brain of a Respiratory Therapist. It is now occupied full time by a Web Developer.

Keeping a journal is a responsibility2001Apr25

Keeping a journal is a responsibility, once you start it. But what does one do when there is precious little to share? I’m in transition now. Lots of irons in the fire. Things on my mind.

Other people have things about to happen as well. The new Bruce Sterling interview in Locus indicates a new nonfiction book from him called Tomorrow Now sometime soon. William Gibson is working on a new book, no idea of the release date. David Byrne has a new album due to be released soon. There’s a new biography of Talking Heads out soon.

So much stuff. Meanwhile, visions of new articles for are gelling in my head. Stay tuned.

Voltes V Paper Models by John Paras2001Apr25

Voltes V Paper Models by John Paras – added the other day. John Paras does this wonderful otaku thing and makes paper models of the five component craft which make up the giant robot, Voltes V. John was gracious enough to offer the pictures to me to put on this site if I like. Of course I did, but I wanted to mush them together, and give him credit. Let’s Volt In!

EduPoint – a former employer, goes bust.2001Apr26

EduPoint – a former employer, goes bust. Another interesting idea that missed the mark.

Another story on the folding of EduPoint2001Apr27

Another story on the folding of EduPoint – this one from The T Sector.

I wonder if I can buy my old work computer from them? It wasn’t bad. It would run Quake III pretty well. Alas, EduQuake is no more.

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