Some Poems (Mostly for Molly)

Untitled 1, 1992.

Contemplating you my dear,
Such a sweet diversion

And knowing that you’ll soon be near
Causes some subversion —
Of the illusion that you’re no longer in
My heart, sentimental organ

I know that it would be a sin
To think that we could bargain
Away the knowledge that we’re apart
For more than just a moment
But then again I’m ready to
Let you release my torment

All the feelings I try to ignore
Will very soon be gone —
The sadness of my longing
And the melancholy of my wait
Yes you’re right
About the fact
That to you I release my fate

Sadly I’m not over you —
To you I can admit it

“To thine own self be true,” the line goes
And it fits

I can’t wait to see you
Eventually I’ll be over you
But for now I’m still in it

Untitled Couplet, 1992.

Pure precious presence,
Lush language of love

Untitled 2, 1992.

I’m still here
Won’t stop thinking of you
Your pure precious presence
Has such power o’er me
I’m moved to write
Too many “P”s in poetry

Untitled 3, 16 March 1993.

One year ago
Almost today
Two people met
“Hit” you might say
A shot of heat
Between them flashed
And now they seek to build on that past
And make some kind of feeling grow
A love and friendship they can know
Will make that spark of light take hold
Continue onward, come what may
Light a candle, brighter than day
The candle lit by them that night
Stands and flickers very bright
Whatever name you call this light
It lives on and stays in sight