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January 2019 Twenty-seven posts

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A mess of drawing by @ARTLUNG #sketchpartysd “Quack” & “BEEP”

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Doofus on the train. Last century. Headed to Fullerton to see @chrisgreazel

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The day was pretty and I am lucky.

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This is not me stoned or high. This is me tired and sunburnt. A long time ago.

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Me and Erin from way back when!

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My first passport photo. My mom’s and sister’s too.

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Artie & Phyllis Silva. My Nanie & Tata. Very much missed by me and many others.

Swarm Checkins

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Sunset in Fullerton yesterday with @chrisgreazel

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To the gentleman boiling water for tea at the rest stop? Well played.

Swarm Checkins

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Ramen Ryoma Robot Samurai, yesterday!

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