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  • Flowsheet
    Leah made this flowsheet. It was to help keep track of care for my Grandma in her final months. When did she eat? What were her vital signs? What medications did she take or not take? Leah did a really nice job with it. Leah is not a medical professional, but she’s the finest untrained,…
  • Medication Board for Grandma
    In my Grandma’s last weeks, keeping track of her medications grew more complicated. She was unable to swallow some meds, and at other times refused them. Bedridden, her needs would change. This board was an effort to keep everything straight for all us caregivers. Also: San Diego Hospice was great.
  • Enough with the death, please.
    On the day before yesterday, my grandmother, Jean (McCrainor) Crawford died peacefully at home. That makes my Grandma, Mom, and Grandpa all in the last two years. You can read a bit more about my Grandma in Leah’s post Grandma This Morning. You can read about my Mom in a lot of places, especially her…