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  • This program is a realistic depiction of fictional events. None of what you are seeing is actually happening.
    RBS News: Special Bulletin

    I was 13 years old when I saw Special Bulletin and it terrified me. Previously, and also previously. The disclaimer:

  • War of the Worlds 2.0

    On Halloween I participated in a wonderful, strange experiment called War of the Worlds 2.0 on twitter. Here’s the story of how it came to be, from Kris Kowal. My entries can be found by doing a search on “wotw2 from:artlung”. I’ve always been a fan of the idea of Orson Welles hacking the…

  • Abort, Retry, Fail

    If at first you don’t succeed. Retry. Hey y’all. Getting back in the saddle after not feeling too well. Also, I did a rough draft of my taxes and it looks like we need to save a pile of money or The Tax Man is gonna be mad. But have no fear, we have payment…

  • Misc-y Halloween!

    Did I really go a day without blogging? For shame! No, not really. It’s Halloween, though I don’t have any special visuals to offer you today — I’ve been far too busy lately. But I do have many tasty linky treats to offer. Really! Remember, Color Me Badd — famous for the song I Want…