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First Model in Decades.

First model I’ve made in decades. ツーフユリー FB.11

That’s a Hawker Sea Fury there, from a kit I got at a local Japanese store. Impulse buy. I bought the Testor’s glue and everything. Sadly, the glass for canopy got lost. I’ve been thinking I want to improvise a glass canopy.

I loved making models when I was between the ages of about 4 and 8. If I was good my Mom would buy me one at the grocery store down the street. I wonder if regular grocery stores have models anymore. I remember one destroyer class ship I got. No more than 6 inches long and so detailed. Lot of work. Awesome.

Model-making might be a pastime for children and old men. But forty-somethings? Well, it was over New Year’s.

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