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2012: 72 posts.

  • Eno
    Brian Eno (from film for Roxy Music’s Re/Make Re/Model) This song is from 1972 and sounds new to me, perennially. Mostly because of Eno but the whole band together makes it work. I’ve written about this song before, in 1998’s Re-Make/Re-Model.

  • Snowy West Point
    Sometimes it snows at West Point. This photo was taken at a Football game in October, 2011. The cadets go to the games and sit and cheer in weather like this. That’s crazy and kind of awesome. But mostly crazy.

  • First Model in Decades.
    First model I’ve made in decades. ツーフユリー FB.11 That’s a Hawker Sea Fury there, from a kit I got at a local Japanese store. Impulse buy. I bought the Testor’s glue and everything. Sadly, the glass for canopy got lost. I’ve been thinking I want to improvise a glass canopy. I loved making models when…
  • This program is a realistic depiction of fictional events. None of what you are seeing is actually happening.
    RBS News: Special Bulletin
    I was 13 years old when I saw Special Bulletin and it terrified me. Previously, and also previously. The disclaimer:

  • Me and my nephew
    From November. Quite a blessing.

  • Focus!!! Give Thanks
    I asked Leah to take this one back in March. We’d moved out here. We had gone out to Ray at Night. That’s where it was taken. It’s a close up photo of the workbench of an artist. I think it’s at the very southeastern corner of Ray street. It’s a little directed-at-him-or-herself graffito to,…

  • Happy Birthday Leah!
    Happy Birthday Leah!!!

  • Funky Monk
    Funky Monk, from Small Fry, a wonderful short that played before The Muppets, which Leah and I saw a while back.

  • Updated Open Graph Protocol Tools Plugin
    I updated my Open Graph Protocol Tools plugin, on GitHub and on‘s SVN. It’s been a long time since I updated the plugin, shamefully long time actually. But hopefully I’ve addressed all the existing issues and if any new ones come up I can knock them out quickly.

  • Star Wars: Uncut
    Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut. Star Wars ’77. Chunked into 15 second segments. Segments claimed by filmmakers, amatuers, animators, goofballs, and then the segments are reassembled into Star Wars. Certain people will find this beautiful, wonderful, incredible. I expect some people won’t be able to watch more than about 6 minutes. I watched the whole…
  • QOTD: Tom Bickle
    Quote of the day, from Tom Bickle: Now that I’m 40, my days flip by like the pages of a book left open in a storm. It’s Monday. It’s Friday. It’s Monday again

  • Duck Man!
    Duck Man! from Basquiat

  • I’ll tumble 4 ya.
    What is tumblr?

  •, 2012. With Bootstrap.
    Yesterday I modified my site I purchased the domain in 1999 thinking that it would be important to have a more “professional” domain than “artlung.” I go back and forth about the utility of that. Back in 2011 sometime, I decided to remove most of the ways to contact me, and remove the self…

  • Still Life from Dayjob
    The Chumby (Chumby Classic, Pearl Edition) is not really for work, but it should provide some entertainment for my co-workers. Which you may recall (unlikely, really) I won back in June 2008 at the L.A. Flash Users Group.
  • Suzy Wong (lyrics by Stew)
    William Holden is a soldier and Nixon will not send him home with every card game he gets older so when on leave he needs to roam don’t judge him by his desires the puppet wires are strong oh William Holden is a BART rider bound for Hong Kong or Seoul William Holden holds a…

  • Wireframing: Hello Lonesome
    One thing I’ve really come to enjoy is the process of wireframing. Wireframing is low-fi design for a digital product. I do it for websites and apps. It’s a lot of fun. The tool I generally use is Balsamiq Mockups, which runs on Mac or Windows. I’m doing some housekeeping, so here’s a wireframe from…

  • ArtLung Rosetta: comparative anatomy for JavaScript Libraries
    Back in 2010 I mentioned presenting on ArtLung Rosetta. Well, the thing I wanted to do back then, I have finally done, and that’s add AJAX examples for all the libraries. So, for example, here’s loading a chunk of HTML into a certain div from a link click in the different libraries: dojo dojo.connect(dojo.byId('ajaxloadHtml'), 'onclick',…

  • Fancy banner on Open Graph Protocol Tools
    It’s been a banner week for development for me. Tonight I just learned about how to add a fancy banner to a WordPress plugin page, and lickity split I made one. Check it out on the Open Graph Protocol Tools plugin page. Here’s what it looks like in context: How do I make one of…
  • Lawrence Lessig interviews Jack Abramoff
    Lawrence Lessig interviews Jack Abramoff. via John Lilly who notes: “Wow”
  • Smorgasborg, not Smorgasbord
    I spent some time reworking a page I’ve had hidden, or at least deemphasized for about 5 years. The page is the one I named Smorgasborg in 1988. It has been my “entertaining, silly and educational junk drawer” ever since then. I remember a time when things on the web seemed to have shorter lives,…

  • To Ojai
    Yesterday we spent the day with Tony, who’s in the midst of some staggering decisions. Rock on Tony! Google Latitude has a record of the datapoints of where we were. Which is alternately cool and frightening and also cool.
  • Remember when we sold nearly everything?
    From November 15th, 2009. Wow a lot has happened since then. Big Big Sale! Whole House Sale Sat-Sun 13-14 Nov 2009 [9am-4pm] [REDACTED], Moorpark, CA We are selling EVERYTHING in our house this week and this weekend. EVERYTHING MUST GO EVERYTHING MUST GO FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR OF THE ORIGINAL VALUE! We have:      refrigerator…

  • Responsive with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0
    Continuing my series on upgrading using Bootstrap. Bootstrap 2.0 was just released, and it has some default “responsive” features. What’s “responsive” about it? Stanford has a good definition. Responsive web design A website that responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output for it uses responsive design. Rather than designing…

  • David Letterman Holding Records
    David Letterman Holding Records is a tumblr (read: blog) about David Letterman holding recods. Sublime.

  • Firefox Tilt
    This is a screenshot of a somewhat useful, great looking web development tool. It’s called Tilt and it’s an add-on for Firefox. What it does is visualize the various elements, or tags on an HTML page in a 3-D space. You can interact with it and click to see what HTML and CSS makes each…

  • Aged.
    In 2010, I turned 40. I look in the mirror at the side of my head sometimes. I see enough silver that I’m reminded of Reed Richards. In 2010 I got an e-card that made me laugh enough I kept it around. I was scarcely blogging then though. So, here it is now. It cracks…

  • Pottery, Craft and Suitability of Purpose
    Via Joe Bennion, a potter who lives in Utah comes a video on YouTube. It’s a short (24 minute) film about Mike Dodd, a potter from Surrey in the UK. You can see Mike’s handiwork on, here. On some of the individual pieces, like this one, a short video with Dodd speaking about the…

  • Oh, it’s Getter Poseidon!
    In 1982 I drew this: I’ve been thinking a lot about the various Jumbo Machinder I was exposed to in the Philippines. And one, with a stout body and a jetpack keeps coming back to my mind. I believe when I was 9 years old I had a vinyl toy. It’s bothered me that I…

  • Richard Gate (and jQuery)
    Richard Gate is my brother-in-law. I’ve mentioned him once before. I put together a website for him in February 2007. I think it’s a great little site that does precisely what it needs to. It introduces you to an artist’s work. I worked with him this week to provide something interesting on the main…
  • Prop 8 Decision
    Yesterday Proposition 8 overturned. The complete ruling of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is available as a PDF: KRISTIN PERRY V. EDMUND G. BROWN, Jr.. Any judicial decision quoting Groucho Marx, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, and Frank Sinatra is fine by me. It’s not too dry. I was a bit surprised that I…

  • New drawing, in progress
    Giant fighting robot, take 1. One of the things I learned on the Alice Street drawings was about the awesomeness of working non-photo blue, and then ink. Using blue as the base when I know I’m going to ink later saves me from sweating the pencils too much. It also will allow me to scan…
  • C-SPAN, Joys Of
    One of the things I miss most about cable television is C-SPAN. The opportunity to be exposed to thinkers, pundits, books is really incredible. Sure, a lot of dross shows up there. I always enjoyed finding an engaging intellect there. Some time ago C-SPAN started to put more archival video up: C-Span Video Library. Here’s…

  • Flash, 1997
    Speaking of reclamation projects. Well, were we? Another blast from the past is in here at where you can see my Flash work from 1997. There’s even an .spl file! (.spl was the extension for FutureSplash files. .swf was the new .spl file).
  • UXCampDC 2011 and memory.
    In January of 2011, more than a year ago now, I attended UXCampDC at the German Cultural Center, just a mile from The White House. Me and my family were still pretty raw from my Mom’s death in October, but it was great to get out and do something. My sister drove me to the…
  • Watch this: about code, creativity, creation, and principle.
    Astonishing, mindblowing, and suspiciously self-evident once you see it. Brilliant. Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo. Follow Jeff Victor on Twitter.
  • Eleven Years And Counting
    Yesterday marked eleven years I’ve been blogging here on I’m so stunned I’m not sure what to say about it. But, I thank you for reading, for commenting, for linking over the years. Here’s to many more years of this!

  • This weekend
    Spending it with my Godson Zac, his dad my brilliant friend Chris, and Chris’ daughter Diana. There may be drawing and development. Think of it as a family BarCamp. Zac asked me which Star Wars character is my favorite, and I replied with this drawing, though he Zac did say the colors of the bandolier…

  • Quote of the Day
    From Jesse Thorn’s Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success: You can’t afford to be too precious about your work. Caring is important, but preciousness is the opposite of making stuff. There is no room on the internet for Special Snowflakes who want to procrastinate all day and then…
  • Quote of the Day
    Previously. Jesse Thorn with another quote of the day, commenting on comments on his commentary: I would argue that the fact that I was struggling to make ends meet was the REASON that I built my show into what it is. If I was a dilettante who did this shit for fun, I’d probably be…
  • Quote of the Day: Bruce Sterling, in 1998
    How will the digitalization and networking of information affect us and change people’s lives? Bruce Sterling: You’d do better seeking out the very few aspects of people’s lives that will remain unchanged by this. What should we watch out for in an information-rich, techo-Utopia? Bruce Sterling: Surveillance, spies, Mafias, stock market and currency bubbles; stalking,…
  • Blind Surfer
    via Surfy Surfy

  • Sprawling Month
    February is over, and here we are in March. Time is absolutely flying by in my life, almost completely for the best. So what’s happening in my life? Taxes. The enormous tens-of-thousands of IRS debt that Leah and I have been shouldering since 2008 is now low enough that we can see the light at…

  • It’s basically Spring
    Hey, admit it, in California it’s basically Spring already. Enjoy these lovely photos:

  • Storage.
    Things go in storage, things come out. Like the tide coming in and out. “Just in time” has many meanings.
  • Gates of Steel by Kali Kazoo
    Find her on tumblr, twitter, blogspot. I dig her drawings. Turns out I dig her musicianship too.

  • Lettermans Holding Records
    In February I posted about a tumblr called “David Letterman Holding Records.” I called it sublime. I still think it is. I even went so far as to post it to MetaFilter. Well, I got to thinking, there had to be old footage of Letterman, from the old days of the NBC show, of Letterman,…

  • A good problem to have, but still…
    Recruiters really, really want to contact you even if you ask them not to. In an effort to curtail the amount of contacts I get from recruiters, I made this addition to my LinkedIn profile: So now, here’s how one recruiter solves this problem. With unemployment out in the world, complaining about this probably seems…

  • ++age;
    This past week I turned 42. It was a good week but I did get sick at the tail end. Had bacon chocolate cake at Riviera Supper Club out in La Mesa. Went there with our pals Matt and Margot. Totally not planned, but it was great. I didn’t want a big deal for my…

  • The Cold That Would Not Die
    I’m still kind of sick. I’ve been sick too long, and I’m sick of being sick. No more.
  • So, my health is lame.
    In my last, incredibly brief post I said I’m tired of being sick, and declared a hearty: No More. I mean that. This week I went to the doctor. Why? To get a sense of where the heck I stand. I’m 42 years old, 360 pounds, and often don’t feel so hot. So, what does…

  • Gamification in the wild: Wells Fargo “Badge” earned
    I’ve been very interested in gamification since I saw Jesse Schell’s “Visions of the Gamepocalypse” back in 2010 (See Jesse Schell: Beyond Facebook, and later when I got a lot of interest from Asian foursquare users in a bid to acquire “Mile High” badges (See:
  • Source cited
    So over several months I was consulted for an article about Flash. There were some issues and errors in it initially, but now that it’s all there, I’m delighted to show you the link: Time to de-Flash your site? Now, Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that “Any headline which ends in a question mark can…

  • Happy Mother’s Day
    Photo of Mom from 2005. Happy Mother’s Day Phyllis. Save us a seat.
  • Amazon S3 1,000,000,000,000
    Some years ago I started using Amazon S3 as a kind of CDN for images here on It’s worked out well for me. Amazon S3 holds all KINDS of content. And they’re filling up with stuff. No less a personage then Jeff Bezos posted to the Amazon Web Services blog saying: Amazon S3 –…
  • Twitter magic?
    Trying out WordPress Twitter magic in WordPress 3.4:

  • Latest Scribbling, Comic-Con Tweets
    Mostly from Comic-Con, which I went to this past weekend and had a great fun at. The huge blister on my foot is now healed! This one’s from last week, doodling in a meeting: And after the cut, some selected tweets by me or related to me from Comic-Con. This is in lieu of actually…

  • Cube Cat’s Late Start
    (Also, Cube Cat drinks Big-O Cola). Previously:

  • Sally Ride, Rest in Peace
    See also her NASA biography. She is survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam O’Shaughnessy. Because of the Defense of Marriage Act, no Federal benefits are due her. That fact is shameful.

  • Rotsy, Byzantine Hair, and Life Drawing
    I’m drawing again. Regularly. I went to Dr. Sketchy’s this past weekend and it was a blast. Life drawing is stressful to me, but it was a great exercise to let go of judgment and just try to draw. They did 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, and 20 minute poses. I feel…
  • Thomas Paine on Property
    via PochoBlog: Personal property is the effect of society; and it is as impossible for an individual to acquire personal property without the aid of society, as it is for him to mike land originally. Separate an individual from society, and give him an island or a continent to possess, and he cannot acquire personal…
  • The Economist on Mitt Romney
    It’s political season is on, which means there’s a surfeit of political reportage. The majority of this writing is useless drivel. The television discussion even more so. This Economist piece bucks the trend: So, Mitt, what do you really believe?: Too much about the Republican candidate for the presidency is far too mysterious The Economist…

  • Seven Recent Drawings
    I’ve said before I’m drawing more. And boy am I! So just this morning, I got a notion to draw Wonder Woman while I was on the bus. And there she is. No-photo blue & 2B pencil and not long after, there’s Wonder Woman with a sword and shield. Or I had 10 minutes free…
  • The Failures of the iOS6 Maps Application
    The hard lesson of the failures of the new iOS6 Maps Application – painfully and hilariously observed in — is the subject of this post from a GIS professional: Google Maps announces a 400 year advantage over Apple Maps: TL;DR: Perhaps the most egregious error is that Apple’s team relied on quality control by…

  • Up From The Depths: on DVD
    This is the movie on which basis I put myself into the IMDB. And I’ve included it on my bio for quite a while. You can purchase it, though really, you shouldn’t, on Amazon.

  • “so many terrible songs”
    So Leah has been traveling quite a bit lately. She asked me yesterday if saw this photo Dooce ((*Dooce is what I call Heather Armstrong, I’m very nearly incapable of referring to her as anything different. Hey, there are people who call me “art” as in “artlung” so it’s not without precedent.)) when Leah visited…
  • Noodly appendage
    Music is meaning a lot to me lately. I’m checking out My Bloody Valentine mostly, and some other bands. Loud is good. Meanwhile, I just made some electronic music. The last time I released some electronic music was 2004: Audio and Instant Music I don’t know either.
  • Placeholder
    I did not blog at all in December, 2012. This is a placeholder to that effect.