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Wireframing: Hello Lonesome

One thing I’ve really come to enjoy is the process of wireframing. Wireframing is low-fi design for a digital product. I do it for websites and apps. It’s a lot of fun. The tool I generally use is Balsamiq Mockups, which runs on Mac or Windows.

I’m doing some housekeeping, so here’s a wireframe from the Hello Lonesome website, from back in 2010.

It was a great way to come to quick agreement on what was actually to be built. In this case we built a WordPress theme to support this design and allow the Director/Writer/Producer of Hello Lonesome, Adam Reid, to manage the site himself. He also wanted to make sure the trailer was front and center, and that opening other content pages didn’t interfere with the trailer. That’s pretty much how it ended up, with a few minor exceptions in the case of much heavier pages.

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