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To Ojai

Yesterday we spent the day with Tony, who’s in the midst of some staggering decisions. Rock on Tony!

Google Latitude has a record of the datapoints of where we were. Which is alternately cool and frightening and also cool.

Veterans Hospital NEXT EXIT

Mural at Pete's


Signs & Wonders (from yesterday)

When closed throw coins in slot

two comments so far...

Love when you guys drive north because you’ll usually stop for gas/coffee/break somewhere within foursquare’s “nearby” range and I see the push notification and I think “oooo they’re nearby on their way to see the kids!”

The kids are kind of scattered to the 3 winds. The 2 eldest in NorCal. The 3rd in New York. Tony’s still in Moorpark, but not for long.

But I’ll keep forsquaring. Serendipity is great with these locative apps.

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