In Brief: Happily

Last night at LA Flash: Chumby Fest! I had the incredible thing happen, I won a Chumby. It’s cute, and hackable. I will be adoring its cuteness and hacking its hackability when I get some time.

Work is busy right now, and I’m enjoying it a great deal. It’s stretched my OO skills in PHP5, and stretched my understanding of REST and lots of other stuff too. It’s enjoyable and maybe sometime I’ll talk about it more in depth.

Dev is staying with us for a while. We’re turning into a packed house. Though two of our houseguest and Leah are in Utah. They’re sisterizing. I look forward to the safe return of all of them.

Got paid, which I whined about on twitter and here. We are again able to meet our obligations. I’ve no idea if dayjob is going to be late with their checks again, but we’re ready if they do it to us again.

Yesterday tried to swim, but Camarillo changed their dang hours on me! I was confronted with water aerobics ladies instead of my normal lapswimming. Add that to the fact that it was four-to-a-lane on Monday night for swimming at Calabasas, and the ocean is looking pretty attractive for usual swimming habits. That, or dawn patrol.

I mentioned already that my swimmer’s ear is gone, right? Well, it is.

Sunday night we watched the Tonys and were delighted that Stew won Best Book of a Musical. We watched the whole Tonys and had a good time. Who knew that I’d eagerly look forward to the Tonys? It defies rational explication. Well, maybe it can be explained, I do love Stew.

I mentioned that I won a Chumby right? Still can scarcely believe that.

Okay, time to begin the day.

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big congrats on winning the chumby!
personally, my wife and i love the one i have next to the bed.

as you explore the chumby, i’m curious to get your input on mediafly. we’re the podcast engine integrated in the chumby control panel.
our goal is to make the vast depth of content available through podcasts both accessible and enjoyable for the masses…even those (unlike you) who aren’t familiar with RSS and XML.

if you want, you can even personalize your channels to make them exactly what you want.

hope you have fun getting to know your chumby!


keith waxelman
vp business development

P.S. Car Talk is one of the Chumby CEO’s favorite shows…

@susan m — hehe. I can think of worse radio to wake up to. Car Talk is fun!

@keith – interesting stuff there, thanks for pointing out your services! I understand you’re just following a technorati or like search to get to me, but I appreciate you chiming in!

i think you’ll find the chumby a lot of fun, whether learning new “chuck norris facts,” using it as another display for your digital pix, listening to the “car talk” podcast through mediafly, or doing practical things like checking the weather from The Weather Channel widget. cheers!

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