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  • This program is a realistic depiction of fictional events. None of what you are seeing is actually happening.
    RBS News: Special Bulletin

    I was 13 years old when I saw Special Bulletin and it terrified me. Previously, and also previously. The disclaimer:

  • Malcolm McLaren is dead.

    Most famous for being a rock empresario. For the Sex Pistols. For Punk theory. For Bow Wow Wow. Dead at age 64. He could be a lot of fun. Here’s Buffalo Gals, 1983: I don’t remember this video, or the nudity, but the song sounds like the 1980s to me. I always liked the song….

  • Just Got Lucky, by the JoBoxers: Lyrics

    Your technique it leaves me weak my heart knows it’s the beat I seek and I found it (just got lucky) oh yes I found it (just got lucky) I never worry that your love is fake I’m free and easy and I’m feeling jake ’cause I found it (just got lucky) oh boy I…

  • Cowpunk, by Scott Goddard: Lyrics

    And I look over yonder tell me what do I see? can it be a see a special angel built specially for me? with that long black hair yeah her eyes are so bright yeah she looks real good underneath the bar lights She drives a new Thunderbird owns a stack of credit cards yeah…

  • Zappa on Miami Vice

    I’ve known for years that (my hero) Frank Zappa had appeared on 1980s tv show Miami Vice. Until this morning, I had never seen anything from that show. Thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy it in all it’s (terrible) glory: