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  • For Mac MarkUp Nerds

    Interesting article (somewhat inflammatory, sadly) on BBEdit’s HTML Syntax Checker and the W3C Validator — a reaction to Dori Smith’s comments at her BackupBrain blog. I weighed in, but John Gruber‘s comments are juicy and technical. I think the vociferousness of the debate shows how strongly people feel about BBEdit.

  • Still House Sitting

    I’m still house-sitting. Been out of the loop on some things. In-the-loop on other things.

  • Another Record I Want: From Stew: Muddy Sweetboot

    Noted on the negro problem yahoogroup. Supposedly you can get it at a live at a Stew show, and sometime soon, online. Here’s the tracklist. Can’t hardly wait. xmas again (promo ep version) bleed the statue song (indoors again) giselle the stepford lives my damn butterfly movie of the weakness miss satan columbus boomy guitar…

  • Simpatico

    Allen is going through something similar to what I was going through in May (heartache / breakup), and for saw a simpatico with my entries from earlier this year. He linked to me and I appreciate it. I’m glad to have people read, and maybe even learn something. I don’t know if there is anything…