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  • David Brin is Cranky About Lord of the Rings
    J.R.R. Tolkien — enemy of progress — an excerpt: Obsession with either past or future can almost define a civilization. Worldwide, most cultures believed in some lost golden age when people knew more, mused loftier thoughts and were closer to the gods — but then fell from grace. Under this dour but recurrent worldview, men…
  • QUALCOMM’s BREW Considered Harmful?
    Colin Fahey’s J2ME Cell Phone Experience is one developers’ one-time experience with BREW, a mobile computing platform, which he contrasts with his experience developing with Java for mobile phones. He makes good points, though I wonder if he let his bias for open platforms affect him unduly.
  • Three New Lab Items
    » Miscellaneous Web Files » Fun Detagger Script in PHP » Undocumented Linklint JavaScript Feature