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  • Songwriters I want to Investigate:
    Jimmy Webb and Jimmy Dale Gilmore.
  • Kynn In The News
    Scoble picks up the Kynn/HWG/Navarro story.
  • Ronny Vardy Art Show
    Just got this email from Ronny Vardy… GALAXY GALLERY Is proud to present paintings and new illustrations by Ronny. Saturday, Feb 1st. From 8 p.m. till whenever. Galaxy Gallery known as the smokers universe and also home the the Chronic cafe, has a real Amsterdam coffee house feel to it. Other than their amazing atmosphere…
  • Sundance Review
    Caleb Clark, a very nice fellow, has written up a Sundance Film Festival Report that’s worth your time.
  • Article about San Diego blogs in the Union Tribune Upcoming
    Matt Pitcher notified me that the Union-Tribune will run an article about San Diego bloggers this Monday. Nobody asked me. Though the San Diego Bloggers page will be 1 year on Saturday. I wonder why I didn’t get an email? Maybe I’m “tired” and no longer “wired.”