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  • I Love Chuck D

    It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back seared through my brain the year it came out. Lyrical density, noise and sound and multivariate references all over the place. I think I may have to add it to the playlist this week. Meanwhile, Chuck D is still around, and kicks ass on Fox…

  • It’s Tchotchke-rific!

    This: Making Over Mona, is an excellent example of using a viral game to market a product or service. (via M. Romen of

  • Et Cetera

    That is what I said. And I’m not moving far. Downtown San Diego. So to those of you far away, sorry, I’m not moving near you. And to those of you who are not far away (aka close), I’m not leaving. Finished re-reading Snow Crash a few minutes ago. It’s a beautiful day. Perhaps some…

  • Breakfast…

    Today was a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and eggs, splendiferous rye toast, cinnamon toast, coffee, and excellent company. The word for the day is “Bubweiser” Last night watched a terrible movie and bed-and-breakfasted with friends in their place. Best. Sleepover. Ever.