this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Three word updates

    Work not bad Car insurance enabled Racquetball class rewarding Two feet aching Truck driving well College parking sucking Dishes need doing Rearviewmirror fall down okay, cheated there Address changes pending Bills paid today Still in arrears Home office chaos Leah stomach churning New curtains awesome Hot dogs enjoyable This entry over

  • San Diego Computer / Web / Geek Events for This Month

    SDWUG / Golden Hills Free Web Meeting on Community Wireless [16-Sep-2003] Perl Mongers [16-Sep-2003] SanDCHI’s September Meeting Announcement [17-Sep-2003] Hacking – ACM San Diego [18-Sep-2003] UX SIG meeting at Mitchell [23-Sep-2003] Toorcon [26-28-Sep-2003]

  • Now That’s Unexpected

    So I had a long talk with my friend Chris last night, and we caught up and talked and talked. He and his wife recently had another child. Young Zachary. I’ve been asked to be a Godparent. I wept and was honored. So how well does an unorthodox lapsed Catholic agnostic do that? I don’t…