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  • About: Me

    Work: okay. Religious state: evolving. Food yesterday: lovely roast by Joe and Leah. Quicksilver: still reading. Laundry: not done. Leah: recuperating. Racquetball class: back on, tiring (missed last week due to Baptism Class and the week before due to Fires). Truck: like a top. Laptop-to-be: ordered and in process. Weather: brisk. Now listening to: Lots…

  • Caleb on Dean

    Local cyber-bon-vivant Caleb John Clark, is making some homegrown Dean media.

  • Chuck

    Did you know that San Diego Blogger Chuck, of Howling Point is blogging his cancer and treatment? There are millions of stories in the naked city. Chucks’ is certainly a remarkable one. And sometimes, he writes his blog from the POV of his dog Pongo. Several million points for style, that.

  • More Jesus iTunes Entries (aka: Songs)

    In reference to this post… My friend Erin sent me: These are the Jesus songs in my iTunes (just in case you wanted to know): Jesus Was Way Cool – King Missile Jesus Christ Pose – Soundgarden Jesus, Etc. – Wilco What A Friend We Have In Jesus – Aretha Franklin Jesus Shaves – David…

  • Stew on NPR

    Stew on NPR FROM NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO’S ALL THINGS CONSIDERED : “Singer/songwriter Stew seamlessly blends gospel and funk with sophisticated lyrics, sweet melodies, and an even sweeter voice. His eighth album, Something Deeper Than These Changes, takes the listener on intimate journeys into Stew’s past. NPR’s Neda Ulaby profiles the musician. Hear five full-length pieces…

  • Next verse, same as the first…

    Onward to the workweek!