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  • Cat Update

    So Basilone is coming around. He’s still reticent to come out and play, but he sat on the bed with Leah and I for about an hour tonight, watching The West Wing. He seems playful and pretty loving, several times augering inbetween Leah and Me for extra cuddling. He’s still exploring this old house. He’s…

  • Respiratory Work Coming Out of My Ears

    So because of my RT Resume I get calls occasionally from people googling for Respiratory Therapist Resumes. It turns out RT work is hot and heavy right now. In the past month I’ve gotten at least 2 calls or emails a week for per diem, part-time, full time, pulmonary function testing, floor care, ICU, etc….

  • Voltes V Videos Question – Now in the FAQ

    I get a lot of questions about this, it’s been added to the FAQ.

  • The Prophet

    A link from my friend Steve K: THE PROPHET – Kahlil Gibran — for future reference. I like this: Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it take with you your all. Take the slough and the forge and the mallet and the lute, The things you have fashioned…

  • NewsFlashes

    Leah and I now have a cat. Formerly named “Leo” and later “Mustang,” we think his new name is “Basilone” — for the exit off the 5 we got him from. We met his former owner and acquired all manner of cat gear. He’s a well mannered, housetrained, spayed, bengal. He was pretty quiet all…